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Page last updated on 4th May 2016

Strengthening Capacity among Livelihoods

Youth Organization for Innovations & Entrepreneurship - Nurturing minds for a sustainable World

Join our Initiative to Equip the Community with Fundamental Skills and Knowlledge Necessary to Eradicate Poverty and Insecurity

Young people around the world are faced with a myriad of challenges ranging from lack of resources to enable them pursue education and basic livelihood needs. This is compounded by high indices of poverty especially in the developing world. These together with other proven drivers impose pressure to seek income generating opportunities. However, the rapidly growing population cannot march the dwindling resources. What next? The young fraternity is thus left with choices of drug abuse, theft, pre-marital affairs among other vices. Youth Organization for Innovations & Entrepreneurship, has taken this a mile and begun a subsidized community training programme with 8 thematic areas of focus. Four of this deal with practical information for income generation while the other four support line activities to assist those already in various fields to stead up. These are shown in the right collumn of this page. Interested trainees are only required to register for the trainings which run for 3 hours everyday for one week with possibilities of extension where cases are exclusive.

Updates in our Programmes

2016 Weekly Skill & Knowledge Enhancement seminars

YOIE is encouraging young people and elderly who have passion to gain skills in various thematics especially those that will help them start enterprises likely to create self employment as well as generate opportunities for others. Our priority themes are:

1. Unlocking ICT Potential
2. Business Start Up
3. Systemic Innovation Development
4. Starting Agribusiness –based Enterprises
5. Leadership & Governance
6. Undergraduate Support Skills for Industrial Fitness
7. Making Environmental Decisions
8. Monitoring and Evaluation

Interested trainees can click here for more information.

Senior Experts Dialogue on Science,Technology and Innovations, Laico Regency, Dec 1-4,2015

YOIE was delighted to participate in the senior experts dialogue(SED) that was convened by National Council for Science, Technoloy Innovations(NACOSTI) in collaboration with United Nations Economic Commission for Africa(UNECA). The main objective of the Senior Experts Dialogue (SED) is to examine how Africa’s emerging innovation hubs and clusters (in the modern as well as traditional sense) can be an additional instrument for accelerating the continent's transformation. Click here for more information.

YOIE Contributes to Identification of Key Private Sector Opportunities within the Draft Bioenergy Standards

This workshop aimed at collective review of the ISO FDIS 13065 on Sustainability Standards for Bioenergy, examined potential business impact in the private sector Bioenergy industry and finally came up with three Working Groups on Biogas, Biofuels and Biomass which form the key pillars of the Standards. Access the ISO FDIS 13065 here

Youths' Training on Opportunities and Challenges in Endeavor to Ensuring Sustainable Practices for Environemental Concervation

Youth Organization for Innovations is honored to facilitate training of youths in the city on fundamentals of environmental concervation with a focus on local technological and social challenges and going miles to highlight possible technological options to tackling current challenges. This will also explicate current trends and measures to adaptation to the varying and changing climate

YOIE Builds farmers' Capacity on Biotechnology and Biosafety in Agriculture for Improved Productivity - 5th March 2015 in Nakuru

YOIE successfully built capacity of farmers application of selected biotechnologies and biosafety regulations in Nakuru. The event which was attended by vibrant young and elderly farmers indicated promising future of youths involvement in agriculture . Click here to download report.

Volunteer with us;

Guiding objectives of our volunteership / Internship programme

  • To provide opportunity for professional development among fresh graduates  and continuing students(attachment)
  • To offer networking opportunities among graduates and potential employers through organizational activities and programmes
  • To insight young livelihoods to use available resources to create sustainable self employment jobs
  • To provide a platform for knowledge and career mentorship for youths as peer educators upon successful internship programme
  • To initiate early career entry into research by engaging young researchers in journal and scientific publication process

How to apply;

Send your request letter with an attachment of detailed curriculum Vitae to

Applications are reviewed whenever opportunities arise but new cylces of recruitment have a regular timeline of six months(twice a year) while periods are not restricted to normal calendar year.

For more information on the volunteership programme and the implemntation model, please click here.


OurProgrammatic areas are;

1. Entrepreneurship

2. Agriculture

3. Water

4. Energy Security

5. Science, Technology and Innovations

6. Biodiversity

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